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Murphy! "ECHO for PRESIDENT!" #14 mixtape

Well, after a short break "ECHO for PRESIDENT!" hasn't stopped, we are here and we will bring the finest noise for You! It's my pleasure to introduce my mate, Murphy who also lives in Hungary and made the 14th mixtape for the blog.
One hour madness dubstep rush full of huge tracks, I guess It will blows up your mind !

1) Hi Murphy , would you mind introducing yourself?
I'm 22 years old, live in Debrecen, Hungary. I try to make fckn loud music and mixtapes.

2) How long are you doing Murphy?
I think I was 13 years old when I tried to make music at first time, so about 8-9 years ago.

3) Which are your favorite styles?
I love everything what makes me eargasm like dubstep, drumstep, thrash, electronic and so on.

4) Who's your favorite new artists? What are you listening to lately?
I like many artists in many stlyles like Atomica, Bang Chatter, Samuel Ietto, salminA, Paul Henta and others. They've crazy tracks and mixtapes. I have heard some great tracks recently but I must talk about Bang Chatter's Apogée and Leathrface's Carnage remix from Samuel Ietto. Those tracks are awesome. I listened them many times and I must say the future is coming.
Artists like they show the new way for the electronic music.

5) What kind of equipments/softwares do you use for making mixtapes and compose tracks?
I use my own pc to make tracks and mixtapes with Ableton. I love that programm, so universal and easy to use.

6) I heard some preview about your tracks, some of them composed from different styles like techno, bassline or dubstep. Which was the main style what you prefer to make in the last months.
My main style is the dubstep but I try to make electro and thrash tracks too. Anyway the *bassline* is my main style. :D

7) If it's not secret please say some words about your plans for the future.
I only have dubstep mixtapes so I'd like to make a mixtape with electronic and thrash tracks and I want to make own stuff.
I work hard with basslines, drum themes and melodies and if all goes well my own track come shortly.

8) Please introduce your mixtape, what we are going to listen?
You will listen some wicked dubstep tracks and I really hope you will like my crosses and track selection. :)

9) If you do not work on music, what do you do?
Listenig music.:)

10) What do you think about the "ECHO For PRESiDENT" project, and the ECHO blog?
Echo For President is a great idea to invite many great artists around the world and the Echo blog is the corner of my heart!:) Anyway big up for Mike beacause he always works hard.

11) Anything what I forgot to ask or you want to say to all your fans on The ECHO Show?
Just one thing: Kill the mainstream!:)

Murphy! "ECHO for PRESIDENT!" #14 mixtape

1.Hulk-I drink I smoke
2.Figure-Zombies(VIP edit)
3.???-Screamer(Urban Assault remix)
4.Quartus Saul-The Rapist (Cyberoptics Remix)
6.Kopud-Broken Piano
7.Ishe & Dirt Monkey-Bigger They Come
8.Getter and Sluggo-In Cold Blood
9.Bratkilla-A Babies First Step
10.Apex-Nowhere To Run(Excision & Datsik VIP)
11.Skrubz-Da Badmon Jam
12.Kannamix-Beastly Clowns
15.Big Dogz-Break Noise & Substantial Error
16.???-Badtime Stories
17.Binary Finary-1998(Artem Zlobin Dubstep Fire Mod)
18.Bare feat Proe-Indica Stativa
20.Telegram from the Queen-Dethroned(We Bang remix)
21.Mimi Page-New(Phrenik remix)
22.Kole-Another day
23.Physical-Contact(Original mix)
25.P.H. FAT-Flowers
27.Hack The System-Apocalypse(Preview)

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