Eleven:Eleven - Mesmerize

11:11 hallani és megszeretni!

Patient Zero - Dead Star EP

Tökös trash-elektro kislemez!

GTRONIC - Chocolate Starfish

Belga kedvencünk ingyenes trackje!

Blaster - Denethor EP

Június 4-én érkezik Blaster legújabb kislemeze DJ Antention, V and Z, Mr Wesh és Dead C.A.T Bounce remixeivel karöltve.

hétfő, február 28

Tasty Beatdrops "ECHO for PRESIDENT!" #9 mixtape

Are you ready for the next "ECHO for PRESIDENT!" mixtape?
I promise you will be satisfied because Tasty Beatdrops brings the best electronic tracks from all over the world.
But first of all check out the excusive interview !

1. Hi Tasty Beatdrops, would you mind introducing yourself?
My full name is Robin Anseeuw, I am 17 years old and I live in a small country called Belgium :P
Yes, that's that country who has no government, haha. I live in an even smaller town named Kortemark, situated between a well known Bruges and Roeselare.

2. When did you start making mixtapes and tracks?
I'm bizzy with music of my 14 years old, I've started a webradio called 'R-Station'.
All the popular music of Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Dance where played.
At 16 years I have started with 'House'. R-station has been closed and since 1 january 2010 exist 'Tasty Beatdrops' comes from 'Robin drops tasty beats'.

3. If I remember well, some moths ago you worked on your first EP, please tell us about it.
I have alraeady an EP out 'Rockin It' .You can download the EP from my soundcloud page or DOWNLOAD HERE.
The EP consists of 'Drumming' a more sweet tech house track, and 'Rockin It' itselves. I am now bizzy with a new one 'India EP'. For this new EP are already two tracks finished. 'Shiva' & 'Ganesha', the third track is referred to a third Hindi god 'Vishnu'. This EP is mix of tech house and electronic basslines with a heavy tasty finishing touch. For the moment there is no release date known.

4. What kind of equipment do you use for mixing or producting?
Believe it or now but I am still mixing on a Hercules Dj Console Rmx ;p
But this is for home, on gigs and parties I use Pioneer and Serato systems etc.
For producing I am working with Fl Studio.

5. What kind of music softwares do you prefer to use?
I prefer a classical Virtual Dj, haha
but i think that Traktor and Serato are still the best dj software.

6. Which are your favorite styles?
I love house a lot, in the beginning specially Dutch house, later and especially now I like many styles. House, Electro, Dubstep & Techno. I'll give you here a detailed list (:
French/Dutch/Bubble/Fidget/Rave/Bass/Nu Skool/Afro/Jungle/Sweet/Brazil/Latin/Indie/Tribal/Tech/drumstep

7. Who’s your favorite new artists?
Afrojack, Crookers; there are amazing if you saw them live. Highbloo, Steve Oaki, Sound Of Stereo Mumbai Science, NT89, Laidback Luke,... My favorite artist I've discover on soundcloud is Mr. Vega and all the others of ROT10 Musik.

8. If you do not work on music, what do you do ?
Studying of course, haha. or NOT ;p
I've done swimming competition. First provincial then Belgium and then at European level.
I was very good at this sport but I had to stop swimming by a knee injury.
I had need two years to recover, I have to learn walking again.
Now I give swim lessons to little children and teenagers who do swimming competition.

9. If It is not secret please tell us about your plans for the future?
Haha, I will tell it with pleasure. I am very interested in geography and history.
I will probably studying this next year. And after my studies we'll see...
The problem then is that I will have a lot of work for my college, but I will keep updated of music.
So I'm thinking to start a music blog 'Tasty Beatblog' or something like that.
Because I will have to be less with making mixtapes and dj'ing on gigs.
And I think that a music blog is a good way to get,stay popular on soundcloud and updated of new music.

10. What do you think about the „ECHO for PRESiDENT” project, and the ECHO blog.
I think this is an awesome initiative. I love this blog so much.
I am sometimes worse that it isn't written in English but for that we have Google translater ;p
But the blog is a good way to learn and find new music.

11. Anything what I forgot to ask or you wanna say to all your fans on The ECHO Show?
One quote: " Enjoy my new mixtape and live your life in the way you want! "

Tasty Beatdrops "ECHO for PRESIDENT!" #9 mixtape

DOWNLOAD [zippyshare]
01 Blasterjaxx Feat. Shai Rox - Djinn (Original Mix)
02 Gianni Marino - Sandro Silva (Filthy Gengster G Mix)
03 Strip Steve & Das Glow - Calcium
04 Wolfgang Gartner - 818
05 Kissed With A Noise & PeaceTreaty - Cal State Anthem
06 Drop Top - Machete (Zombies For Money Remix)
07 The Subs & Les Petits Pilous – My Body
08 Malente & Azzido Da Bass – Hunting (Dem Slackers & Fake ID Remix)
09 Beat & Bang - Hunger (Zombies ate Ado's lunch...gutted mix)
10 Zombie Nation - Squeek (Bart B More vs Orginial)
11 Chromeo - Hot Mess (Djedjotronic Remix)
12 Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)
13 Screendeath - Packback (Nt89 Remix)
14 Afrojack - Replica
15 Fake Blood - The Dozens
16 Digitalism - Blitz (Harvard Bass Remix)
17 Harry Romero, Junior Sanchez - Where You Are (Steve Angello Edit)
18 Etienne De Crecy - Hope (Djedjotronic Remix)
19 Mumbai Science - Ancova
20 Tony Senghore - Burnin' (Keith & Supabeatz Remix)
21 Highbloo - Time To Change pt 1
22 The Subs - The Face of The Planet (Ado's Scratch And Snuff Mix)
23 Pleasure - Carabine
25 Fenech Soler - Demons (Plump Djs Remix)
26 G-Tronic - Sucker Punch
27 Kill The Noise – My World (Torro Torro remix)
28 Dooze Jackers vs Wes De Graaf - Fear Nah Raggah
29 Zedd - Autonomy (Lucky Date remix)
30 The Cataracs feat Dev - Bass Down Low (In Cahoots!! Bootleg Remix)
31 Sgt Slick - Like This (Angger Dimas Remix)
32 Punk Jumps Up - Blockhead (Zombie Nation Remix)
33 Brodinski, Djedjotronic, Noob & Harvard Bass - Extreme Compote
34 Daft Punk - One More Time (What's That Sound! Re-fixxed This Banga Dah!)
35 Donovans - Housequake

Tasty Beatdrops Official Website
Tasty Beatdrops on Soundcloud
Tasty Beatdrops on Facebook

Attack 1985 & Nightbreaker - Hornet (Geneden Remix)

Bő két héttel ezelőtt a Tuff Em Up! meghirdette második remixversenyét ami az előzőhöz hasonlóan -"Rapid Fire" volt- szintén nagy volumenű megmérettetésnek ígérkezik. Március 8-ig lehet beküldeni az alkotásokat, a szavazás pedig 9-én kezdődik. Ezzel kapcsolatban bővebb információt ITT olvashattok.
Az ausztrál származású Geneden is részt vesz ezen a versenyen, melyre egy elég masszív és húzós változatával kíván benevezni.

Attack 1985 & Nightbreaker - Hornet (Geneden Remix)

Attack 1985 & Nightbreaker - Hornet (Snippet) (REMIX COMP!)

Ha már Geneden neve felhozódott akkor mindenképpen meg kell említenünk a Touché Records gondozásában hamarosan megjelenő "Aftermath" kislemezét. Az EP két originált és olyan előadók remixeit tartalmazza majd, mint Andy's Ill, Partysmartie vagy NEUS.

Geneden - Quarantine

Geneden - Reconstruction

Geneden - Quarantine (Andy's iLL Remix)

Geneden - Quarantine (PARTYSMARTIE Remix)

Le Castle Vania's Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Volume 2

Azt hiszem nem szükséges bemutatnom Le Castle Vania Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape sorozatát, hiszen a kiválóra sikerült első rész önmagáért beszél és most pár hónap elteltével megérkezett a második is, ami elődjéhez hasonlóan a kib*szott jó kategóriába sorolható. Különösen felhívnám a figyelmetek a közeljövő pár nagy slágerére amiket ezen a mixen kívül eddig még sehol sem hallhattatok. Ilyen például az "Awake", az "Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix)" vagy a “Back To The Light”.

1. Le Castle Vania – Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Vol. 2 Intro
2. Le Castle Vania – Awake (Feat Desire) **Unreleased New Single**
3. Dieselboy – N.V.D. (Le Castle Vania + Computer Club Remix)
4. TAI – Big Bass Drum
5. Boys Noize – Kontact Me (Rynecologist Remix)
6. Gtronic – Sucker Punch
7. D.I.M. – Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix) **Exclusive Unreleased Remix**
8. Far Too Loud – We Want To Dance
9. Etienne De Crecy – No Brian (Nobody Beats The Drum Remix) **LCV QUICK EDIT**
10. Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive! (12th Planet + Flinch Remix)
11. Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive! (Noisia Remix)
12. John Lord Fonda – Sound Of A Melody (Le Castle Vania Remix) **Exclusive Unreleased Remix**
13. Refused – New Noise (Bloody Beetroots + Steve Aoki Remix)
14. Gooseflesh – Wet (Fukkk Offf Remix)
15. Wolfgang Gartner – illmerica
16. South Central – Demons
17. Demon – I Think (D.I.M. Remix)
18. Skrillex – Kill Everybody
19. Les Petits Pilous – Goog
20. Rrrump – Chubby Decker (Le Castle Vania + Street Lurkin Remix)
21. The Prodigy – Warriors Dance (Far Too Loud Exclusive Bootleg Mix)
22. Feed Me + Kill The Noise – Muscle Rollers
23. TWR72 – Lights Out
24. Freefire – Dataloss (Darth & Vader Remix)
25. Blamma! Blamma! – Only Friend
26. Le Castle Vania – The Light **Unreleased New Single**

Plusz egy kis néznivaló:

vasárnap, február 27

Misanthrop - Sidereal

A Neosignal hetedik kiadványán érkezik hozzánk Misanthrop fantasztikus "Sidereal" című száma. Az április elsején debütáló rilíz még egy számot tartalmaz, a "Latitude"-t, ami hasonlóan az előtte említett trackhez szintén a drum & bass csillagjegyében született.

szombat, február 26

Solid Sessions February 2011

Üdv zenekedvelő társaim!
Minden hónapban egyszer jelentkezem 'Solid Sessions' c. havi mix műsorommal,melyben elhozom a hónap legjobbjainak vélt Trance , Electro illetve Progressive zenéit egy órába foglalva.
Itt is van már frissen a Februári TOP10!
Ladies & gentlemen, let me present you
my new mix show "Solid Sessions" with me: Norman Hash !
Share with your friends if you like it :)

01.Ashley Wallbridge vs. Markus Schulz feat. Ana Criado - Surreal Smoke (Markus Schulz Mashup)
02.Will Reckless - Heaven Scent (TyDi's Vicious Re-Write)
03.W & W - Impact
04.Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth (Arty Remix)
05.George Acosta - The Way She Loves (Feat. Fisher)
06.Tiesto Feat. Diplo - C'Mon (Original Mix)
07.Vengeance - Decadence (Denga & Manus Mix)
08.tyDi Feat Tania Zygar - Half Light (Original Mix)
09.Jan Johnston meets Tenishia - Flesh
10.Orjan Nilsen - Go Fast!


Norman Hash on Facebook

Mr. Tools "The Pyramid" Remixes EP

Pár hónappal ezelőtt már beszámoltunk Mr Tools "The Pyramid"-jának Nation változatáról, most viszont újabb remixek mutatkoztak be amik hasonlóan az előbb említett változathoz a Ventuno Recordings gondozásában jelentek meg. A február 24-én napvilágot látott "Remixes EP" Arahal, Indiekid és DISTROKER alkotásait foglalja magában.

Free Music: MEGA Package (#24)

DIOYY - We Are The Dead (You Killing Me Remix) DOWNLOAD / LETöLTéS

Drivepilot - Devils In Milan (Liberty Redux)

Angie Stone - I wish i didn't miss you ( Kaze Rmx )

Does it Offend You,Yeah? - We Are the Dead (Chemical remix)
DOWNLOAD / LETöLTéS_[Zippyshare]

Controls - Initiate DOWNLOAD / LETöLTéS

Neus - Blast! (SuprA! Fuck It Remix)

Marco Bailey - Bom Bang! (Hantise remix)

BangBros - Take this Out (Original mix)

Krftkds - Justin Bieber Is Dead (original mix)
DOWNLOAD / LETöLTéS_[Zippyshare]

Figure - The Werewolf (Dubstep Mix) DOWNLOAD / LETöLTéS

Gtronic - Sucker Punch (Crystalised remix)

Trashing Teenagers - Corruption(Swampp Cat Remix)

Angger Dimas/Art vs Science. Are you ready? (New Noize Mash)

Jessie and the Toy Boys - Push it (Mentalout "fast" remix)

Skacco - The Grater DOWNLOAD / LETöLTéS

Belzebass - Justin Biebr
DOWNLOAD / LETöLTéS_[Medifire]

Tempa T - Next Hype (Djvc & Wonkap Remix) DOWNLOAD / LETöLTéS_[Medifire]

Shit Happens & DJVC - Consciousness (2011 Rework)

Cee Lo Green - Bright Lights, Bigger City [Tommie Sunshine & Gianni Marino Edit #2]

Simon Hassle - Now is here (Midibyte Remix)

GT Solo Featuring Shit Happens - Best out Ya Speaker (Bass Edit)

Chase & Status - Time (Engage Re-Rub)
DOWNLOAD / LETöLTé_[dnbshare]

péntek, február 25

Skrillex - Weekends!!! (Venom Remix)

Skrillex-ből sosem elég, mindig van egy olyan bátor jelentkező, aki tovább szeretné feszíteni a határokat és még egy cseppet csavarni a mostanra már Skrillex védjegyévé vált koncepción. Ez esetben Venom vette fel a kesztyűt, hogy egyedi elképzeléseit beleszője a "Weekends!!!"-be, melynek eredménye egy eszméletlenül jó remix lett.

Kitekintés: Hack The System

Hack The System tegnap egy rövid mix keretében bemutatta pár közelgő remixét, amit mondanom sem kell mennyire izgatottan várok. Chemical, Dead Cat Bounce, Gerruzz és Flying Without Wings a kiszemelt remix áldozatok.

Chemical - Spectral City (Hack The System Remix)
Dead Cat Bounce - Jouissance Accablante (Hack The System Remix)
Gerruzz - Biohazard (Hack The System Remix)
Flying Without Wings - Bad Girl (Hack The System Remix)

Bang Chatter - super mario Smash Bross Melee

Bang Chatter "ANIHILATION" mixtape-je végén debütált a Middle Finger második projektjének egyik közelgő trackje a "super mario Smash Bross Melee". Bang Chatter újdonsághoz készült videojátékok elemeiből összevágott montázs klip a mai nap mutatkozott be a nagyérdemű előtt.

theAmplid - Dance No More (La Musique D'Ordinateur Remix)

theAmplid "Dance No More" című alkotására nemrégiben egy remixversenyt hirdettek meg, amire az ECHO blog által is teljes mértékben támogatott spanyol páros, a La Musique D'Ordinateur is benevezett egy hatalmas remixszel. Ezúttal ugyan nem a tőluk megszokott metál zúzást kapjuk közvetlen az arcunkba, hanem egy "lágyabb" viszont a törtütemnek köszönhetően mégis erőtől duzzadó La Musique remixet !

theAmplid - Dance No More (La Musique D'Ordinateur Remix)

theAmplid - Dance No More (REMIX STEMS)

More info

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Rövidhírek /02.24

  • Amon Tobin új albuma május 23.-án jelenik meg ISAM címmel. Nemrégiben jelent meg továbbá a Chaos Theory remixlemeze is. Az ISAM-ból itt hallhattok egy kis előzetest:

  • Dom&Roland idén újra új albummal jelentkezik, immáron a hatodikkal. Itt hallható az új lemezen szereplő egyik zenéből egy részlet:

  • A hírek szerint Shackleton és Pinch közös albumon dolgoznak, melyet szeretnének még idén megjelentetni. Mindezen felül Pinch még saját új lemezét is be szeretné fejezni 2011-ben.
  • Partyajánló: Delta Heavy (RAM Records) - 2011. március 11. Debrecen / Klinika  
  • A postot két új Dj Madd számmal zárnám, melyek közül az egyik a Lightsaber címet viseli, míg a másik pedig Phaeleh - Lament című trackjének remix változata.

Szavak nélkül #30


DAMN! feat EMINEM (PREVIEW) by. One Man Ben

Zombie Kids - Blow Money Fast (Redial Remix Preview)

Mess Me - Vixi

Trashing Teenagers - Slut Attack (Preview)

Dilemn - Clapping (Nation Remix)

Martin Solveig Ft. Dragonette - Hello (Samuel Ietto Remix)

Yars Revenge & The GangBang Theory - Night Death (The Phat Crew Remix Preview)

Electrophants - Sledgehammer (Hide and Scream Remix)

12 Inch Plastic Toys - 32h (Original Mix)

Stereoliez - Black Kamino Pt2 (Mr. Skeleton Remix)

Bonita (Katerfrancers) - PELUSSJE brotheRMX

NeeliXxX - Silent Smile

Computerartist Feat. Noemi Kebede - Day After Flood

The Agitator - Say No! (Cutline Remix)

Tinie Tempah ft. Ellie Goulding - Wonderman (Bare Noize Remix)

szerda, február 23

DnB & dubstep megjelenések 2011. | 15. rész

Itzokor - The Flow (Cooh Remix) / The Flow
drum&bass, technoid

Coco Bryce - Dis Cam Belie

L-Wiz - Straitjacket / 4.42 OZ

Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker - Fraktals EP

Break & Survival / Survival - Your Time Will Come / Harsh Language

Omega - Inception / Diencephalon

Trillbass & Dan Wall - Killa!

Aeph / Neonlight & Hackage - The Burning Shadow (Prolix Remix) / Nothing Is Safe

VA - Elephant Man / Following You

Swindle - Playground

Emalkay - Crusader / Power Tool

További megjelenések:

Amon Tobin - Chaos Theory [Remixed] ZENDNL171
Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX - We're New Here XLYTLP517
Sinthetix / Corrupt Souls - Sars / From The Streets SPUN003
Funckarma - Dubstoned EP5 THIN16
Stateless - Matilda ZENCD157
Seba - Vanity / Nostalgia WARM018
Hadouken! & Night Bus (Camo & Krooked Remixes) RMX007
Shackleton - Deadman HJP52
Shackleton - Fireworks HJP53
ASC / ASC And Vaccine - Machines / Bleep Test REDSEAL006
Baobinga & Hyetal - Anything For Now BUILD005
Matt U - Watchin' U SUBWAY016
Gridlok, Elhornet, MC Dino - Reboot The System 3 P51 UK-21
Various Artists - Dubstep Dubplates Volume 1 LBL01

kedd, február 22

Michael Woods "First Aid"

A brit származású Michael Woods az egyik legmeghatározóbb alakja napjaink progresszív irányzatának. Ezt a tényt a február 11-én megjelent "First Aid" című száma is alátámasztja. Michael saját kiadójánál a Diffused Music-nál napvilágot látott tracken erősen érződik a legutóbbi "I said" remixe, melyet a Deadmau5 albumhoz készített.
Eufórikus dallam, határozott, erőteljes, mély ütemmel kombinálva !

Michael Woods "First Aid"


Michael Woods on Capital FM with Andi Durrant



Samples "Skyscraper" EP

Ben Samples kellemes és egyben nagyon változatos hangzású "Skyscraper" kislemeze február 18-án jelent meg. A Simplify Recordings gondozásában kiadott EP-t igazi dallam és stíluskavalkád díszíti, bár az uralkodó hangszer a zongora, viszont Samples ennek dallamát olyan stílusokkal keverte össze, mint a dubstep vagy a glitch hop.

hétfő, február 21

TSSN "ECHO for PRESIDENT!" #8 mixtape

It wasn’t so far since the latest "ECHO for PRESiDENT" by BENDER debut on the ECHO blog. But now here is another electro attack by TSSN ! Two talented teenagers who really passionate to electronic music.
This time we made an exclusive interview as well !

1) Hi T.S.S.N would you mind introducing yourselves?
Hi, we are Quentin Barrioz and Anatole Rochette, we're from France and we're 17.
Two teenager really passionate to electronic music
We have mixed and produced electronic music for about a year. We're members of the group TheSnoreSoNoisy.
(but anatole is actulally living in USA for 1 years)

2) When did you guys start making music together?
Anatole : It was about a year and a half ago, Quentin started to use Virtual DJ and use it for party
and he showed me what he was doing some months after he had started.
Quentin : At the time we was already surfing on blogs and listening to electro music, but contrary to our circle we weren't interested the popular and commercial french techno. We were talking about doing something with the music but we weren't very serious about it.
Anatole : Then Quentin bought this Hercules controller for Virtual and showed me what we could do with it. At party he brought his controller and let me play with it. I really enjoyed it the first time I used it. I was bad and I had fun. So for my 16th birthday I bought another Hercules controller but this was a bigger one. And we starting mixing on this controller for fun and for friend's partys.
After that virtual dj didn't satisfy us anymore and we heard about softwares like FLStudio, Ableton, and Traktor and we started to create our own songs. These songs were really bad too. It was almost only a drum with huge beats and synthesizer to complete it. So we began to plug old synthesizers on a computer and bought other controllers. And that's it I guess.

3) Which are your favorite styles?
We have a vide variety of songs. We like electro, house, from the french touch to the last news. We spend a lot of time on blogs so most of the time the songs are 5 years old or newer. We are influenced by funky-disco songs with old synthesizers and things like pop such as Futurecop!, Valerie and friends…etc. Old songs from the 80's have influenced us a lot.. We like songs that get people to dance and have a good time. We use songs like that in our "What The Fuck": Funky sometimes with a slow melody who makes us dream but it is followed by a violent part.

4) Who's your favorite new artists?
We both like people that have created their own music style such as SomethingALaMode, DatA, Danger but we like also Neo Tokyo, Redial, Defeat, Barretso…etc
Everyday we discover new great artists, so it's hard to have a favorite.. but WHAT THE FUCK's mixtape is here to show you what we use for makes people dance ;)

5) What kind of equipment do you use for mixing and producing?
Anatole: I chose to live in the United States for a year so I left the stuff for mixing to Quentin in France with the synthesizers and I bought some controllers from Korg like the nanokontrol, nanopad and nanokey. And this summer we envision buying new CDJs and a new DMX from Pioneer.

6) What kind of music softwares do you prefer to use?
We use Traktor for mixing live; for production we use Ableton live.

7) If you do not work on music, what do you do?
Anatole: I'm not sure because I spend most of my time on my computer on blogs or producing. I am preparing some tracks that we'll finish in June when I'll come back to France.
Quentin: I'm always on blog, i discovery new artist and that give me a lot of different source of inspiration and when i'm not working on my computer, my ipod don't quit my ear

8) If it's not secret please tell me about your plans for the future.
Anatole: My plan for the future is to make an EP with Quentin this summer, and we're trying to become more popular because we haven't really perfected the songs since 2010. We are going to mix in at many parties this summer, so I hopefully we'll get enough money to buy new equipments. We are looking to find a Label that will produce our EP.
Quentin: Yeah the distance with Anatole prevent us to work on tracks since summer 2010 but when he will back in 4 months we will produce a lot and I am really exited about that.

9) What do you think about the "ECHO For PRESiDENT" project, and the ECHO blog?
This blog is a great thing for new artists that want to gain popularity, There is a wide variety of genres so we can find anything we need, like meeting new artists that are doing the same thing than we are. And we thank The ECHO Show to publishing our work and hope the blog will continue to go in this direction.

10) Anything what I forgot to ask or you want to say to all your fans on The ECHO Show?
We'll have some new tracks and mix tapes for you guys next months, and we hope you guys keep supporting us.
"Merci beaucoup" to the ECHO blog and ECHO's fan ! ♥

TSSN "ECHO for PRESIDENT!" #8 mixtape
(WHAT THE FUCK - Episode 6)
INTRO > Alex Kidd - Unholy Grail (Original Mix)
Spencer & Hill – Yeah Yeah Yeah
BeatauCue – Disque Oh!
Skrillex - With Your Friends (Sohight remix)
Cyberpunkers - Cabala (Original Mix)
Scanners - Baby Blue (The 'S' Remix)
Ocelot - Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche Remix)
Revolte - Ironical Sexism (Grum Remix)
Garden Friends - Kissy Sellout (The Aston Shuffle remix)
Something A la Mode- 5AM (Valerna Remix)
The All-American Rejects - The Wind Blows (Skrillex Remix)
Chanty Poe - YesNoMaybe (Neo Tokyo Remix)
Skream & Example - Shot Yourself In The Foot Again

TSSN was so kind to make another exclusive surprise for Us.
TSSN - Shuriken inc

TSSN on Facebook
TSSN on Facebook (group)
TSSN on Soundcloud

Justrock "Subaru Fuck The Road" EP

Kis hazánk szomszédságából, a közeli Ukrajnából érkezett hozzánk Justrock, hogy elektronikus ütemeivel bevésse magát a feltörekvő zenei tehetségek hosszú lajstromába. A SHAKEYOURASSRECORDS kiadásában hamarosan megjelenő "Subaru Fuck The Road"-ra keresztelt kislemeze egyenes út a biztos siker felé. Masszív, energiával telített pörgős hangzás kíséri végig az egész kislemezt.

Justrock "Subaru Fuck The Road" EP teaser mix
Justrock - Head Off (Original Mix)
Justrock - Subaru Fuck The Road (Original WRX STI Mix)
Justrock - Zombie Police (Original Mix)
Justrock & Ultracode - Real Things (Original Mix)

Justrock - Head Off (Original Mix)

Justrock - Subaru Fuck The Road (Original WRX STI Mix)

Justrock - Zombie Police

Aaren Reale "Black" EP

Február 22-én kerül kiadásra Aaren Reale legújabb "Black" című kislemeze a Chewy Chocolate Cookies gondozásában. Az EP négy track-et tartalmaz, a címadó originálját és a Chewy Chocolate Cookies edit-jét két részletben. Változatos hangzásúak és külön-külön egyedi élményt nyújtanak hallgatóik számára.

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vasárnap, február 20

Loadstar - Space Between

  Ma jelent meg a Loadstar legújabb videója, ami az év folyamán megjelenő nagylemezük beharangozó singlejének egyik száma. Az új vinyl március 28.-án lát napvilágot, szokás szerint a Ram Recordsnál. A promo anyagon még megtalálható lesz a BLVD című track is, ami szerintem az év egyik dnb slágere lesz.

Dubstep mixek #2

Crazy D & Hatcha on Kiss 100 2011-02-09 Dubstep show with SILKIE & G DOUBLE

Plastician on Rinse FM 2011-02-14

Exclusive Stinkahbell guest mix and interview@KCL Radio's Bassment Sessions

Mistajam-Live on Radio 1-2011/02/13

Oneman – Ninety Three Mixtape



péntek, február 18

DnB & dubstep megjelenések 2011. | 14. rész

Icicle - Dreadnaught (feat. SP:MC) / Arrows

Gemini - Blue EP

Hybris - Crystalline EP

Machine Code / Cooh - Heisenberg / Gerdan
drum&bass, technoid

Phetsta - Prism EP
dubstep, drum&bass

Shameboy / Buscemi - Strobot (Netsky Remix) / Seaside (KG Remix)

The Sect - Avenger / Axon (Audio Remix)
drum&bass, technoid

DJ Madd / Matt U - ARPZ3000 / Hidden

Current Value - Hitman / Target
drum&bass, darkstep

Demokracy - Double Star EP
dubstep, glitch-hop, idm

További megjelenések:

Mattix & Futile / Take You Back
Need For Mirrors - Def Tone / Scar Tissue
Davr - The Hundreds
Jonny L - The Rave / Boy
Damu - Gargoyle EP
Consequence - Skulls & Snakes / Dub Bounce
DJ Madd - When I First Met You
Salva - Complex Housing
Quadrant - Dermaphoria EP
Arch Rival - Hideout EP
Jay 5ive & Kromestar - Bass 96 / Hands In The Air